Training is fundamental to helping our clients to grow and succeed.  We have established training packages on strategy, leadership, change, scenario planning, culture change and presentation skills.  Many client projects require bespoke training or workshop design which is core to delivering effective change in many cases but it can also be delivered as a standalone offering.

I attended one of Ian’s Speak Up Speak Out! seminars despite my conviction that I can’t bear speaking in public and that nothing can change this ‘fact’ …well, I was wrong. Ian’s techniques and the manner in which he conveyed them made this one of the most useful and enjoyable seminars I’ve attended, ever. Highly recommended!

I found Ian’s personalised programme, innovative, insightful, user-friendly and extremely helpful.  Ian has a fantastic ‘bedside manner’ and possesses the ability to address an eclectic audience – demonstrated no better than through the wide range of the business/not-for-profit sector attendees.

Below is a leadership course that was prepared a few years ago but which is still useful and relevant today.  We hope that it is useful and highlights the range of topics that we can support you with.