Module 1 – Your Leadership Journey


Unlock the distinctions between ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ and equip yourself with the expertise to discern and leverage these distinct roles effectively within your professional life and work.


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Hello and welcome to leadership by design, a 30-day training program that will help to make you into a better, higher performing leader. Each day, we’re going to look at one aspect of leadership, and each day, there’ll be a short video by me, Ian Adkins, followed by some text for you to read, and a task for the day. And in 30-days time, what I’m hoping is that you are going to be a more confident and more proactive, and a more successful leader. It’s that success I’m hoping that we can achieve in 30 days, and a change which will be real, which you’ll be able to see, which you’ll be able to feel.

Now, today is about starting to think about the difference between leadership and management. Management is about organization, structure. Its rules, procedures, process. These are essential for any business to make them work. But leadership, leadership is about people. Leadership is strategic. It’s influential. It’s motivational. It’s all about getting people to do more, to do more for you the leader, for the organization, and to do it willingly.

So today, I’m going to ask you to think about what you see in the world around you. Is it motivating you? Is there a leader there? Or is it simply an application of rules and procedures and process, and therefore management.
So just start to think about identifying the difference between leadership and management and start to think about, are you feeling motivated by a leader or not?

So read the text now. Have a good think about what you’re seeing in the world around you. Make some notes and then we’ll come back and talk a little bit more about leadership and what leadership is, tomorrow.