Module 12 – Energy Levels


Gain a comprehensive understanding of personal energy and its profound impact on leadership, alongside practical strategies to boost your own energy levels and cultivate a high-energy environment within your team.


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So how did you get on thinking about emotional intelligence and how you might be able grow your emotional intelligence? Hopefully you’ve got some ideas now about how to do that and how to set your own development agenda.

In this segment, we’re going to talk about something quite different, something that’s probably not in many programs of this nature. Which is vitally important to you as a leader and your team. And that is all about energy levels. Your energy level and the energy level of your team members. As a leader, whether you like it or not, you’re communicating your energy to your team. If your team are picking up that you are not an energetic leader, that somehow you are kind of lifeless and dull, they’ll become lifeless and dull too.

But if there’s an energy, a dynamism, a real sense of excitement about what you do, you’ll communicate that to your team,they’ll pick up on it, and will become more excited, more energized. And if you’re going to motivate your team to work harder, to work smarter, to do more, and to do it more enthusiastically, then you need that energy level. And in a sense, it’s quite straightforward that you need to manage your energy and it starts with you. It’s quite simple in a way, you just need make sure that you get the right amount of rest, that you’re exercising, you have the fitness levels that you need for your job. Don’t underestimate it. Fitness is important for a leader. You don’t have to be a gladiator. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, but you do need to be getting three or four periods of good exercise a week. Something that’s appropriate to you. Just so that you are physically fit. Remember, leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.

You also need to get the mental downtime, the mental refresh that you need. So what are the hobby or interest or past time that you need to do, that really takes you away into another world, something that absorbs you and gives you that mental refresh as well, So for you, it’s about thinking about programming in, time, for sleep, for rest, for relaxation, for sport, fitness and whatever hobbies or pastimes are important to you.

But it’s also about your team, making sure that for them, they are encouraged to do the same, and that you’re giving them the time to do that but you’re not flocking them all the time. They do get a downturn. They always get a fun-time, and fun-time in work-time as well and that will help to manage their energy levels as well.

So, think about your energy, the energy of your team. And think about making sure that you get the rest, the relaxation that you’re energizing your team, and that their energy levels are there all the time.

Review text cause there are more ideas, more thoughts in there. And today, just ask yourself, “Am I energized? Am I passing the right energy to my people, and are they energized and given the time to make sure that they boost their energy levels, and could I do more to help with that?

So that’s your task for today. Best of luck with that one, and tomorrow we’re going to start talking about moving our leadership on by using our brains in a more effective way. So tomorrow is about brain work so make sure you rest up, ready for that one.