Module 20 – Powerful Goals


Understand the distinction between long-term and short-term goals, while appreciating the significance of imbuing your life with meaning and purpose through the establishment of both types of goals.


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How did you get on with creating some new thinking in your team members? Hopefully, you are able to ask one or two powerful questions at some point of the day, and you got a positive response from it. And what I hope you did was you got through to talking about something really positive in the future which got people to really open their minds and start thinking about moving forward.

And it’s that point that I want to wrap up this particular section of the program by saying that when we get a really clear picture in our mind, when we really can see, feel, and hear what success looks like, we become really, powerfully motivated. And that powerful motivation actually isn’t just in our conscious minds. It seeps into our own conscious, too. And when that is so powerful, when that becomes rooted in there, it starts to change our state. We become confident. We work with a purpose. In fact, when it can think of nothing else other than positive success, our brains don’t even contemplate failure, and success becomes almost guaranteed. Because we will think, we will act constantly, to make that reality that is stuck in our mind come true. It’s as if we are on rails, we cannot be deflected, we are heading towards that one certain destiny.

So, it’s the power of creating really clear goals, the importance of having this really clear picture. Go in your mind now a picture of what success would look like to you. Once you’ve got that picture in your mind, allow it to be really vivid, the colors to become really vivid, bright, sparkly.
And then start to hear the sounds, maybe you’ve delivered a project, and it’s an award ceremony and you’re up on the stage, and people are clapping and as you receive your award.

So not only you see it and hear it, you should also feel the feelings you would feel as if you were there. And suddenly, you become drenched in this great feeling of seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and really feeling the feelings. And if you could keep repeating that over and over again, so it becomes new wiring in your brain, it seeps down into your unconscious mind, and your unconscious mind will help stir you towards that and guide at every point. And you will become hugely positively motivated. And if you can do something similar, whether it for individuals in your team, or the whole team, you will suddenly find you’ll all move forward. And achieving your goals, succeeding in your project becomes relatively speaking, simple and straightforward. And success becomes either guaranteed, or much more likely.

So today, think about goal setting, creating rich powerful goals, goals with pictures, colors, sounds, feelings. If it’s necessary, just on your own or if you’re feeling brave enough, share those with colleagues maybe share it with your whole team. But create a positive goal.

Best of luck.