Client challenge

Criticism emerged that the Heath Service Executive of Ireland was failing to live out its core values of Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning.  Senior Leadership were stung by this and decided that a change in culture was required to rectify this.

What we did

Formed, supported, and facilitated the work of a 30-strong programme team as they designed a behaviours framework, working with a globally renowned behaviour change specialist, and then engaged a 200-strong champions’ network in spreading the behaviours in the pilot area and its 8,000 staff.


The result

The Values in Action programme was rolled out nationally to the 100,000-strong workforce and deemed to have been a success in bringing the HSE values to life for patients and staff.  Watch the video and see what the two CEOs in the trial area of the Mid-West of Ireland had to say about the results of the programme after the first 12 months.