Consulting Team

Our core consulting team is augmented by a vibrant pool of associates.

Ian Adkins


Ian Adkins is the founder of Futures by Design, creator of TransACTâ„¢, an innovative framework for organisational culture change and author of Culture by Design: The new rules for employee-driven corporate culture.

He has been a strategy and change consultant for 13 years working with a wide variety of clients from a Swiss insurance business; a global data services business; several logistic service businesses in Dubai and UK; engineering and infrastructure organisations such as BAE Systems and Network Rail, as well as various UK government departments and agencies. This work has ranged from corporate strategy development and strategic change programmes to leadership development initiatives, hundreds of change workshops and designing and facilitating events, large and small.

Deborah Jones


A high calibre change management consultant and executive coach, Deborah Jones works with teams and organisations to design and implement programmes to improve business culture and employee engagement in support of business transformation and change. She has led innovation and change programmes in large corporates and also acted as a consultant for many companies and government institutions in both the UK and mainland Europe.

Prior to becoming a consultant Deborah spent 10 years in the financial services industry leading new product development and innovation and launching several new start-up businesses and products in UK and Europe.